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STEP 2 - Edit Pages in Your Funnel



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    arul reka

    step -2 . Edit pages in funnel

    Double click on the _page thumbnail_  or single click the _ page thumbnail_ , then click _Edit This page_ button from the side bar.

    Add an object to the page

    1. On the side bar click on _Add new_

    2. Page components will view images , text , icons , etc .

    3. Choose and click a _ component_

    4. click the _category_ ,object version list slide down , click and drag the version of the page desire location

    Move an object in the page

    1. Select the object name and click 

    Drag the object from the out line point , Drop the object to place before release the mouse.

    Edit an object on the page 

    (  at the side bar - object setting - select object )

    • 2 option to do this .

    • Load the side bar * through the edit list *

    • Load the side bar # Directly inside the page #

    1. *through the edit list* - click on _ Edit _ from the side bar , identify the object to the list , click on (width , height , background , color etc ) *
    2. # directly in side the page # - select the object to edit it self . Choose the action do the object (move an image, set borders, etc.) to the list.

    Editing a Text or Headline object

    1. Click _ Text _ to  Edit on the page 

    2. Start typing , use side bar - format alignment , use white tool bar above the text - to format the font , size , color, highlight , hyperlink options.

    Uploading images , videos and other files

    1. On the side bar click _ Uploads _
    2. Click on Choose button to upload an image, video, or file.
    3. Clicking on the _ + upload from computer _ button and selecting the file from the computer .
    4. To add - up load images to the page, drag it directly from the uploads library to the page 

    Deleting an object in a page - 3 options .

    1. Drag - select object and drag it , the left side X appears
    2. Side bar - select object and click on _delete _ from the side bar
    3. out line - select object and click Delete icon from the out line .

    Change the page title  -  2 options .

    • From the Page Editor - On the top of the screen click on the _ page title _ and type new title .

    • From the Funnel Builder - below the' page component ' - click on  _  page title _ and type new title.

    Change the page URL Slug - (www.mydomain .com / urlslug is Adwords,Dashboard, support, or any search word.)

    Change and customize the page URL Slug in 2 ways .

    • From the Page Editor - click on the page title and type what urlslug.

    • From the funnel Builder - click on the page component and at the bottom, click  _ Edit URL _ button - to change Slug.

    Using the page settingsIn side the page Editor - located lower left side - * Page setting *

    1. Email CRM Settings - select autoresponder and  used for landing page after visitors - submit - .  Set redirect page . This has the same function as the Email sequence component .Set autoresponder either one , not both Email sequence component

    2. Merchant setting for order pages  -  select Merchant and the price of the product or service offering in the page , like Bid .

    3. SEO Settings -  Add meta key words and description

    4. The Time Machine -   use this retrieve previous version on the page

    5. Custom CSS - Modify the design and appearance in a page

    6. Enter tracking code -  Place tracking pixel codes that measuer optimize and build audience for Ad campaigns

    Save , Preview and Publish .







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